QPR Installation Instructions

Start QPR Modeling Client

Start QPR Modeling Client

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Start QPR Modeling Client

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Start QPR Modeling Client by double-clicking the QPR EnterpriseArchitect, QPR ProcessDesigner, or QPR ProcessXpress icon on your desktop or by selecting it from the Start menu.


When you start QPR Modeling Client for the first time an introduction dialog will open. The dialog contains options whether to view various help material, to create a new model or to open some of the recently used models or some of the example models. If you do not want to see the introduction dialog when starting QPR Modeling Client, check the "Do not show this dialog again" checkbox at the bottom of the dialog.


EA_iconPD_iconYou can also use Windows Script (VBScript) files for starting QPR Modeling Client and performing model operations. For more information about creating these scripts, see the QPR Developer's Guide.


If QPR Modeling Client is set to check for new updates automatically and one is available, the QPR Auto Updater dialog opens. You can choose to download the update files and to update the application or to postpone the update. If you choose to update the application, restarting QPR Modeling Client is needed to finish the update. Note also that administrator privileges are needed to update the application files. For information on how to define the update checks, see the Options Dialog topic.



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