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Status Bar

Status Bar

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Status Bar

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The status bar is located in the bottom of the main window. It shows hint texts for the element of the user interface currently pointed at by the mouse as well as the server connection status when a server connection is available. In addition, the zoom size controls are located at the status bar.


EA_iconPD_iconAlso the modeling language selection is located at the status bar when multilingual modeling is in use.


As mentioned above, the status bar displays information about the current server connection and clicking the server connection indicator opens a menu that allows you to select a new server, relogin as another user, or switch to offline mode similarly as with the Server connection button that's available in the Application menu. The server connection indicator can have the following icons depending on the state of the server connection:



Connection is established and working properly


Connection interrupted. This can be due to for instance server or network connection issues. QPR Modeling Client will automatically reconnect to the server when it's available again.


No connection (offline mode)