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Storing in File or Server

Storing in File or Server

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Storing in File or Server

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One important question is whether QPR BizArchitecture Server and Dynamic Web Publishing should be used or is it sufficient to use QPR Modeling Client Standalone for development and static web pages for publishing. This is highly case-specific issue, where the following factors are important:

There are some performance differences, which may be a decisive factor, if models contain thousands of elements:

Opening is a little faster with file models.

Server models are faster in saving changes to an existing model, when models get large enough.

Saving a large model as new to a file models is a lot faster than to Server.

In a small-scale usage with only a few people making updates to the model and the model is not updated on a daily basis, it is sufficient to use file models and static web publishing


In the case of large organization with many users updating the model, it is recommended to use the QPR BizArchitecture Server, as it provides the option of assigning separate rights for each user and the updates are visible to everyone right away.