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Model Tab

Model Tab

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Model Tab

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The following commands are available on the Model tab. The items with an indented description appear in a submenu of the previous unindented item.



Edit or view model properties.


Edit or view model version information.

Modeling Language

EA_iconPD_iconIn the case multilingual modeling is enabled, this menu contains all modeling languages selected for the model and allows you to change the active modeling language.

Metrics Link

EA_iconPD_iconView and edit Metrics Link properties.

Modeling Options

View and edit options for modeling.

Check Out

EA_iconPD_iconOpens the Open from the Server dialog from which a model can be selected to be checked out of the QPR BizArchitecture Server (i.e. opened in off-line mode).

Check In

EA_iconPD_iconChecks the open model back into the Server. (Only available to users who currently have a model checked out)

Undo Check Out

EA_iconPD_iconThe check-out is undone so that the model is not checked out of the Server. None of the changes made to the model while it was offline are saved.

Model Elements


View and edit measures.


View and edit cases.

Information Items

View and edit information items.


View and edit resources.

Import XML

EA_iconPD_iconImport new data (in XML format) into the model.

Export XML

EA_iconPD_iconExport the current model into XML format.


View last simulation run as graphs


Full Report

View full report of the last simulation.

Process Step Report

View process step report of the last simulation.

Flow Report

View flow report of the last simulation.

Resource Report

View resource report of the last simulation.


View and edit the simulation options.