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Using Bookmarks

Using Bookmarks

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Using Bookmarks

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mouse_24 Exercise 34: Using the Location Field of a Bookmark to Link to a View.


BTN_AR131. Open the Hierarchy Views in the Scorecards tab.
BTN_AR132. In the Hierarchy View, click the Internal Processes element.
BTN_AR133. On the Details Pane, click the Internal Processes name to open the Element View.
BTN_AR134. On the Toolbar, click the btn_bookmark Bookmark button.
BTN_AR135. The Create New Bookmark window opens. Select the URL in the Location field and press Ctrl + C to copy it to clipboard:


BTN_AR136. Log out from QPR Portal by clicking Logout in the top right corner of QPR Portal.
BTN_AR137. Paste the URL from the clipboard to the Address bar and press Enter. The QPR Portal login page is displayed or if Integrated Windows Authentication or Single Sign-On is used, the Internal Processes Element View is opened.
BTN_AR138. Enter your Login name and Password and click Login. The Internal Processes Element View is displayed.

You can also paste the URL, for example to e-mails and text documents.

For more information, see the Using Public URL's topic in QPR Portal - User's Guide.