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View Settings Dialog

View Settings Dialog

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View Settings Dialog

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The View Settings dialog can be opened by clicking the btn_custom_views Custom views button on the View tab of the ribbon. In case the Flow Chart View is open, the dialog can be opened also by right-clicking an empty area on the flowchart and selecting the "View Settings" menu item from the pop-menu. The Flow Chart View, the Navigator View, and the Matrix View each have their own View Settings dialog, and the corresponding dialog will be opened depending on which of the views is open.


In this dialog you can create and modify view settings as well as set the default view settings used for the model. To create new view settings, click the New button to open the Flow Chart View Settings Properties dialog, the Navigator View Settings, or the Matrix View Settings in which you can define the settings. To modify existing view settings, select the desired settings and click the Edit button. With the Copy button you can duplicate the selected settings and any other settings than the default settings can be deleted with the Delete button. Select the desired settings and click the Set as Default button to make the selected settings the default settings for the model.

EA_iconPD_iconNote that only administrators or model administrators can create or modify view settings.



View Settings dialog



Flow Chart Layout Settings on the View Tab of the Ribbon



When the Flow Chart View is active, additional flow chart view properties are available in the Flowchart group on the View tab of the ribbon:


Page breaks are visible on all open flow charts if the Show page breaks checkbox is selected. The grid can be viewed all open flow charts by selecting the Show grid checkbox. To create a grid for all open flow charts, select the Snap to grid checkbox. The default grid size in the flow chart is 10 by 10. To define a different grid size for all open flow charts, modify the X and Y values of the "Grid size".