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Combining Subprocesses

Combining Subprocesses

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Combining Subprocesses

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Multiple diagram can be combined.


mouse_24 Exercise 57: Combine existing subprocesses.


BTN_AR131. Open the Combining Subprocesses Exercise model.
BTN_AR132. Select the Subprocess 1 and Subprocess 2 elements.
BTN_AR133. Right-click either one of the selected subprocesses.
BTN_AR134. Select Combine diagrams > horizontally / vertically.



A new child diagram is created, containing contents of all selected subprocesses. Double-click on it to change the properties of the new child diagram and type in a name. Note, that the combined diagram element is not updated automatically, if you make changes to the component subprocess elements, i.e. you need to recombine them. Therefore, if you are creating a combined diagram, create the component subprocess elements with their contents first, and then combine the subprocesses.