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Creating Information Items

Creating Information Items

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Creating Information Items

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mouse_24 Exercise 113: Create an Information Item containing a Link to the QPR UserNet Web Site.


BTN_AR131. Open the Dentorex Group Scorecard model.
BTN_AR132. Open the Scorecard Navigator view, and on the View tab of the ribbon, click the btn_information_item Show Information Items button.
BTN_AR133. Right-click on the Dentorex Group top element, and select Create New… > Information item from the pop-up menu:


BTN_AR134. The Information Item(s) window opens. Click New.
BTN_AR135. The New Information Item window opens. Type QPR UserNet in the Name field and http://usernet.qpr.com in the Location field:


BTN_AR136. Accept the changes by clicking the btn_accept_changes Accept changes button.
BTN_AR137. Close the Information Item windows by clicking Close.

See the Information Items Window topic in QPR Metrics - User's Guide for more information.