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Custom Web Layouts

Custom Web Layouts

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Custom Web Layouts

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The easiest way to start creating a new Web Layout is to copy an existing layout and rename the new directory:


Go to your Web Layout folder at C:\ProgramData\QPR Software\QPR 2014\2014.1\Clients\Templates\PGStatic. Copy any of the directories and give it a name, e.g. "My Layout".


You can also modify an existing Web Layout. E.g. modifying graphics is a good start to give the created web pages a customized feel. However, it is a good practice to create a backup of the Web Layout you are about to modify.


NOTE: Help files should also be updated according to the new features of the layout you created. The web help files for HTML Export feature are gathered from "PGStatic/<Web Layout name>/webcontent/help/", under the ProgramData folder.


The default files are:

pg_webhelp_en.html for English

pg_webhelp_fi.html for Finnish