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Delete Model

Delete Model

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Delete Model

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When a model is no longer needed, it should be deleted. Complex models take up space in the memory cache of the QPR Metrics Server and can strain your system's resources.


Once you have deleted the model, you cannot retrieve it. The model is permanently deleted from the database.

Note: Since only one model can be opened at a time, only one model can be deleted at a time. When you select Delete, you are deleting the currently open model.



To delete a model:


1.Open the model you want to delete.
2.On the Application menu, select Manage > Delete Model, or alternatively you can use the Delete command in the Model Navigator pop-up menu in the Scorecard Explorer.
3.A confirmation dialog will appear. Click Yes to delete the model or No to cancel the deletion.
4.If you have selected "Yes", then an information dialog will appear confirming that the model has been deleted.