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Dynamic Web Publishing

Dynamic Web Publishing

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Dynamic Web Publishing

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QPR Modeling Client Server models can be dynamically published via the QPR Web Application Server to the QPR Portal. In this manner the published model can be made available on your Intranet or on the Internet. For details about the system architecture of QPR Modeling Client, see the System Architecture topic in the QPR - Administrator's Guide document.


QPR Modeling Client also offers the HTML Export tool as an alternative to Dynamic Web Publishing. With this tool, QPR Modeling Client models can be exported as a set of web pages (i.e. a set of static HTML pages and graphics). To perform this export, open the HTML Export dialog from the Application menu, Save As arrow_right Save as Web Pages.


To define the web page creation properties, open the Web Styles dialog by clicking the btn_web_styles Web Styles button on the Home tab of the ribbon. In that dialog, you can manage global and model specific web publishing settings.