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Miscellaneous Improvements

Miscellaneous Improvements

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Miscellaneous Improvements

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The following miscellaneous improvements and changes have taken place in the QPR Suite:


305598 Changes to supported Windows, web server, and database versions. See the System Requirements section in QPR - Installation Instructions document for more details. Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 support has been added, but some older Windows versions have been deprecated.

305635 Databases and file models can be imported from QPR 8.0 and later.

305217 Separate WSFLocation key has been removed from WAS Settings in QPR_Servers.ini, thus preventing errors in single sign-on configurations.

305448, 305555 End user license agreement has been unified with QPR ProcessAnalyzer and clarifications to some areas added.

305512 Improvements especially to installation and configuration instructions.