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Open and Close Model

Open and Close Model

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Open and Close Model

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To open an existing model, do the following:


1.In the Application menu menu, select Open. You can also click the Open Model button, btn_open on the right side of the Application menu,  use the Open command in the Model Navigator pop-up menu in the Scorecard Explorer, or press Ctrl+O. The Open Model window opens.
2.The first field, Models, includes a list of model templates, any models which have been previously created and saved by the user, other models the user has rights to, and demonstration models. Double-click the model to be opened. Alternatively, you can click the name of the model and then click OK. The Description field displays a description of the model if a description has been defined.
3.The Scorecard Explorer window opens in the Navigator mode displaying your model.


To close the model, select Close in the Application menu or in the Model Navigator Pop-up Menu.


If you open a model or create a new model while another model is open, the model you currently have open closes automatically.