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Transient Product Activation

Transient Product Activation

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Transient Product Activation

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QPR Metrics client, QPR EnterpriseArchitecture/ProcessDesigner client, and the QPR Foundation Server support transient product activations. There are two settings in QPR_Servers.ini file that affect the activation behavior:

ShowTransientExpirationWarning is an integer value of 0 - n days that defines how many days before transient expiration date the warning messages are shown. If the value is 0 the warning messages are not shown.

UseSilentForTransient is Boolean (values 0 / 1) flag that defines if silent reactivation is used when transient expiration has occurred. If the value is 1 (true), development client tries to start the Activation Utility in silent mode to reactivate the client. The Activation Utility uses automatic product activation via web silently if a valid Product Activation Code can be found in QPR_Shared.ini.


Users can also see the product activation status with Product Activation Code from designer's About Box. This makes it easy to check the Product Activation Code when contacting QPR Customer Care. QPR Activation Utility can also be launched from the About Box.