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Run Scripts

Run Scripts

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Run Scripts

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The Run command can be used to execute scripts that have been created based on the QPR API. For more information about QPR scripts, refer to the QPR Developer's Guide.



Running a Script

To execute a QPR Metrics script, do the following:


1.Click the Run Script btn_run_script button in the Home tab of the Ribbon or in the Application menu, or in the classic style menu, select Run Script from the Tools menu or click the btn_run_script on the toolbar. The "Select a QPR script file" window appears.
2.Select the script you want to run. Click Open. The script is now executed if the syntax is correct and scripts are allowed to run (see QPR Developer's Guide for more information). Depending on the visibility settings defined in the script, you may or may not see the operations performed.


If the location of the script files has been defined in the QPR_Clients.ini file, you can click the Run Script drop-down menu on the Home tab of the ribbon or select Run Script in the Application menu, and select the script from the menu that is displayed in either case. See the QPR - Administrator's Guide for information on how to define the script location.


Note: Never run a script if you don't know what it will do.