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QPR License Policy

QPR License Policy

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QPR License Policy

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Every organization must purchase a license that allows them to activate an adequate number of clients and users to cover the usage of QPR 2015 software. QPR and QPR Resellers provide a unique Product Activation Code for each customer for installing the software. Customers are responsible for the use of their own Product Activation Code. Customer may change the Product Activation Code by sending a request to QPR Customer Care.


Product Activation Code is the entry for QPR Product Activation Server's product activation account. All product activations applied with the Product Activation Code are recorded to the corresponding product activation account. Organizations may request activation status reports from QPR Customer Care. The Product Activation Code is also stored in the QPR_Shared.ini file in a plain text format for further reference. Same Product Activation Code is used for all QPR products.


The license policy affects the applications as follows:

Application servers check from the QPR Foundation Server whether they are allowed to start. In the case any number of users exceeds the number of activated users, the startup fails for QPR Metrics and QPR BizArchitecture servers. In addition, in the case there are more users than the activations allow, warning messages are displayed in the QPR Foundation Server log file.

Designers require a separate activation and their usage is independent of the QPR Server activation.