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QPR Configuration Manager

QPR Configuration Manager

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QPR Configuration Manager

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The QPR Configuration Manager is a tool that is used to configure all installed QPR products.



QPR Configuration Manager Error Handling

The QPR Configuration Manager will display a warning icon warning_old next to a field where inappropriate values are entered. In addition, the field containing the inappropriate value is highlighted in red. The warning icon disappears after a proper value is entered and the highlighting disappears when a proper value is entered and some other field is selected.



Configuration Files

The QPR Configuration Manager reads and writes changes to the QPR_Servers.ini-file located in the C:\ProgramData\QPR Software\QPR 2015\2015.1\Servers\Settings\<possible instance folder> folder (not the QPR 2015 installation folder, which is C:\Program Files\QPR Software Plc by default). There are also other qpr.ini-files, but those are not modified by the QPR Configuration Manager. See the Appendix A in the QPR - Administrator's Guide for further details on these ini-files.