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If you intend to install QPR Web Services Foundation (included in the typical installation) and/or QPR Add-In for Microsoft Office 2010/2013 (optional), there are some additional dependencies:


Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 runtime for both

Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO) 4.0 runtime for QPR Add-In for Microsoft Office 2010 and 2013


All of these requirements are included in the QPR 2015 installation package and installed if the corresponding features are selected to be included in the installation, but you might consider installing these components before the QPR 2015 installation in the following cases:


Bandwidth usage is a concern or you are installing the suite on multiple workstations. Due to the size of the full runtime, the QPR 2015 package includes only an installer bootstrapper which fetches the rest of the framework from the Microsoft web site. Distributing the framework internally within your organization before QPR 2015 installation eliminates the need for separately fetching the framework to all target workstations.

You want to reduce time required to install QPR 2015


Note that in order for the QPR Add-In for Microsoft Office 2010/2013 to work properly, the Office 2010/2013 installation needs to have the Visual Basic for Applications feature installed (found in the Office Shared Features section of the installation options).