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Revision history:

Introduced in QPR 8.0


Gets of a single attribute from an object defined in the function call.




string GetAttributeAsString(string sessionId, string objectId, string attribute, string options)


Return Value:


Attribute value as string.




sessionId: String. ID of an authenticated session.

objectId: String. ID of an object from which the attribute is fetched.

attribute: String. Name of the attribute that is queried. See Supported attributes.

options: String. Additional options for the query.


Example Procedure:


ServiceClient client = new ServiceClient("WSHttpBinding_IService");

string sessionId = client.Authenticate("qpr", "demo");

String attribute = client.GetAttributeAsString(sessionId, "PG.67890.5343", "description", "");

MessageBox.Show("Element description: " + attribute);