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Clicking the QPR Metrics Help button opens the context sensitive help for the currently active item.


Clicking the Table of Contents button opens the User's Guide.


Clicking the What's New button opens the "What is New in QPR Metrics" section in the User's Guide.


Clicking the QPR Community button opens the QPR Community main page into your default web browser.


Clicking the Activate Product button launches the QPR Product Activation Wizard to change the activation status of QPR Metrics, i.e. you can activate the software for more users.


Clicking the About QPR Metrics button opens a window displaying information about QPR Metrics. The product, version, build, license, and some system information can be copied to the clipboard by clicking the Copy to Clipboard link. This information may be useful when identifying any issues with QPR Metrics.

Click OK or the window's close button to close the window or click Activate to launch the QPR Activation Utility.