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Attachments can be added, removed and edited in the action properties view.


Adding an attachment


To add an attachment, click the Add button in the action properties window. Clicking the button opens a window, in which you can input the name you wish to display on the attachment list to the Name field. In the Location field you need to define the location of the attachment. If the attachment is located on a network, select the Linked option and provide the URL of the attachment to Location field. If the attachment file is located on the local computer, select the Embedded option, click the Browse... button and locate the file on your hard drive. The attachment is added by clicking the OK button. Click the Cancel button to exit the window without adding an attachment.



Editing an attachment


If you wish to modify an attachment, double-click the desired attachment in the list. You can edit the name and the location of the attachment in the window that opens. Click the Apply button to take the changes into use or click the Cancel button to exit without making any modifications. If you want to view an embedded attachment or store it on your hard drive, double-click the desired attachment in the list to open the editing view, in which you can download the attachment by clicking the Download button.



Deleting an attachment


You can remove an attachment from the list by selecting an attachment to be removed and clicking the Delete button.