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Briefing Items

Briefing Items

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Briefing Items

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In this window you can manage briefing items.


Briefing items are objects which can be placed on a page which is of a type briefing page. Briefing items can be text (see Text Items) or data (QPR Metrics or QPR Modeling Client items). Some briefing items such as Graph items of QPR Metrics elements function also as links to the corresponding element view.


The list on the left displays all briefing items of a page in their running order. One line in a list displays the following information about an item: number, name and item's type (text or data).


To add a new briefing item, click the Add button and the Add Briefing Item window appears for selecting an item. (See Add Briefing Item for more information.) When you have selected an item, it appears in the briefing items list.


To remove an item from the briefing items list, select an item and click the Remove button. You can change a data item's properties by selecting an item from the list and clicking the Properties button. This will open the Briefing Item Properties window for editing item's properties. For more information on editing briefing item properties, see Briefing Item Properties.


Move Up and Move Down buttons are used for changing the appearance order of the items in the briefing page. Select from the list an item you wish to appear earlier or later in the briefing page and press the Move Up or Move Down buttons until the item is in the desired place.


To preview briefing items, select an item from the list and click the Preview button. A new window will open displaying the item. You may close the preview window when you are done.


Click the Close button to close the Briefing Items window.