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Common QPR Authentication

Common QPR Authentication

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Common QPR Authentication

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It is possible to configure a common authentication system between different QPR Suite product web clients (e.g. QPR Portal and QPR ProcessAnalyzer Web Client), so that linking from one product web client to the other can be done without the need of a separate login for the product that is the link target.


Setting Up


1.Create or change usernames in both the source and target QPR products, so that the usernames are identical usernames in both products.

2.Enable Single Sign-On with QPR Products.

3.Define a valid "AuthenticationService_<0...10>" key value in the WAS Settings section of QPR_Servers.ini of the target QPR Portal, the URL in the key must point to the product where the linking is done from. For example, you are linking from another QPR Portal at https://your.other.portal/QPR2017-1/Portal/qpr.isapi.dll and want to use the authentication from that QPR Portal, define the key as "AuthenticationService_1=WAS,https://your.other.portal/QPR2017-1/Portal/qpr.isapi.dll" (without the quotes). Using the WAS's own URL as the authentication service is not supported.


Linking to QPR Portal Views

To link to a QPR Portal view using the Common QPR Authentication, append a "&XSESSION=<#sessionid>" parameter to the end of the link URL, for example: http://your.host.here/QPR2017-1/Portal/QPR.Isapi.dll?SCPLUGIN&*xlink&VTN=SCVIEW&SID=iOC06088pgkcL28yvVaYQw5cqNNaLYzss-eh7GK&PMAIN=scorecards&PSUB=SCPLUGIN_scorecards&PPRM=MOD=1938773693?1_0_1938773693_1158872286&XSESSION=<#sessionid>. The target QPR Portal will then check the validity of the session id parameter against the authentication services defined in QPR_Servers.ini.