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Concurrent Usage with Server Models

Concurrent Usage with Server Models

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Concurrent Usage with Server Models

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When working with Server models, simultaneous usage of the models is allowed. There are three usage methods available:

Open for viewing. The model is in read-only state for viewing. The model can be modified freely, but all changes must be saved as a new model.

Open for editing. The model can be edited. There can be many users editing the model at the same time.

Open for exclusive editing. The model is reserved for exclusive editing. Only one user may edit the model, while others can view it in the read-only mode. If other users wish to modify the model, they can save the model with a new name into the QPR BizArchitecture Server. Only administrator users, model administrators, and users with at least view rights to all diagrams can save a Server model as a file model.


The availability of simultaneous editing depends on the "Force exclusive" option in the Modeling Options dialog, so it can be prohibited if necessary.