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Creating a Customized Action Discussion View

Creating a Customized Action Discussion View

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Creating a Customized Action Discussion View

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mouse_24 Exercise 33: Create a Customized Action Discussion View.


BTN_AR131. On the Actions tab, click Discussion and btn_add Add to add a new discussion:


BTN_AR132. A window for creating a new action opens. From the drop-down menu in the top right corner of the window, select Comment as the Action type:


BTN_AR133. Type in "View Designer Exercise" as the Header and add a Description if you want.
BTN_AR134. From the Publish To section, select Everyone and uncheck the Notify via e-mail check box:


BTN_AR135. Click OK.
BTN_AR136. On the Toolbar, click the btn_show_designer Show Designer button.
BTN_AR137. The View Designer opens in the Viewing Frame. In the Select Fields section, select the Attachments field and click the Remove button:


BTN_AR138. Click the Configure Filters button to open the View Filter Designer window.
BTN_AR139. Select Type from the drop-down menu next to the disabled field displaying the text "and".
BTN_AR1310. Select Comment from the list below the "is any of the following" list and click Add:


BTN_AR1311. Click OK to close the View Filter Designer window.
BTN_AR1312. In the View Designer section, click Save:


BTN_AR1313. Type in "Comments-only discussion" as the name, select Everyone from the Publish To section, and click Save as. The saved view is now available in the Views menu:



For more information, see the Using the View Designer topic, in QPR Portal - User's Guide.