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Revision history:

Introduced in QPR 8.1

Last changed in QPR 2016.1


Deletes one or more objects identified by FulllID's supplied to the objectIds parameter.




void DeleteObject(string sessionId, string objectIds, string options)


Return Value:






sessionId: String. ID of an authenticated session.

objectIds: String. A comma-separated list of FullID's defining the objects that should be deleted. Note that deleting parent and child scorecards in the same request is not supported, so the objectIds list should not contain both parent and child scorecard ids.

options: A comma-separated list of options. Available options depend on the product and the object type. In addition, the following option is specifically supported to DeleteObject:

Recursive: true | false. Defines whether also child objects should be deleted. By default this is false. This option is not supported in the UM and SC namespaces.


Example Procedure:


ServiceClient client = new ServiceClient("WSHttpBinding_IService");

string sessionId = client.Authenticate("qpr", "demo");

client.DeleteObject(sessionId, "PO.0.56789", "");