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Excel Export

Excel Export

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Excel Export

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To export your QPR Portal views into Microsoft Office Excel, open an export-supported view you want to export and click the Export to Office to button to open the Export to Office tool frame.


With the Export to Office tool frame open, click the Export to Excel button to export the view into a Microsoft Office Excel file. If you're exporting a view from Navigator, you will be asked whether you want to export the hidden child nodes. If you select "No", only the visible elements will be exported.


When opening the exported file in Microsoft Office Excel, answer "Yes" to the confirmation question.


Note that the decimal separator used in the export is taken from the web browser's settings, so Microsoft Office Excel should be configured to use that same decimal separator.


When exporting views from Navigator, the results are shown in a hierarchical order (despite the flat-list format) and the hierarchy is the same as in the Navigator view in QPR Portal.