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Full Screen Mode

Full Screen Mode

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Full Screen Mode

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When browsing diagrams in full screen, navigation is handled by controls in the upper corners of the view. The upper left corner contains a breadcrumb trail showing the current diagram path. You can quickly switch to an upper level diagram by clicking on its name in the breadcrumbs. You can navigate diagrams also with the back btn_back and forward btn_forward buttons as well as the up to parent diagram button btn_parent_diagram.


To copy a link to the active diagram to the clipboard, click on the copy link button btn_copy_link.


To pan the diagram, left-click the diagram, hold the mouse button down and drag the mouse. Panning can also be done with the arrow buttons on the right side of the diagram around the home button btn_home. Zoom level can be altered with the mouse wheel or using the slider at the right side of the diagram. Clicking on the home button restores zoom to the original level and centers the diagram. Double-clicking on the home button returns you to the starting point, i.e. where you entered the full screen mode.


You can exit full screen mode with the close button circled in red at the upper right corner.