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Revision history:

Introduced in QPR 2015.1

Last changed in QPR 2016.1.0


Returns contents of the selected view.




PGModel.GetView(ViewSettingsIdentifer, Parameters, OutValues)




ViewSettingsIdentifer: Variant. Navigator View view settings ID (integer) or Navigator View name (string), in case Navigator Views with duplicate names exist, the first Navigator View is selected. Getting the Navigator View folders is not supported. To get the Navigator View view settings ID, use the GetActive command.

Parameters: A semicolon-separated list. Supported parameters:

Result: <Result type>. Mandatory. Supported types are ID, IDHierarchy, Columns, and SelectedIDs. See OutValues below for descriptions.

Filter: <Name of the filter>. Optional. The View Filter that is applied to the Navigator View's view settings. Default is to use the view filter that is set as default for the navigator view in question. Can't be used together with the SelectedIDs result type.

OutValues: Variant. Depending on the Result type:

ID: List of the IDs of the elements of the Navigator View.

IDHierarchy: Table with the following columns: Id of the Navigator View element, Hierarchy level number of the element (starting from 0), and Parent element Id (-1 is the root node).

Columns: List of the column names of the Navigator View in the same order as they are defined in the Navigator View's view settings.

SelectedIDs: Array of IDs of the elements (rows) selected in the Navigator view.


Required Rights:


View rights to the model.


Return Values:

Below are listed the return values that this function can return:










Example Procedure:


 iResult = PGModel.GetView("Information Systems", Result="ID", iValue)