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Graphs are special kinds of field tags that get replaced by an image instead of a text when the report is generated. Therefore an empty image is used as their filler text.


Graph fields are available in the end of the list of fields available in Insert Field pane. The types of graphs available are depended on the type of the object as follows:

Element graph (for QPR Metrics elements): indicator and/or graph of the element, using default template and period settings

Scorecard view (for QPR Metrics scorecards): scorecard view of the scorecard, with default view and period settings

Strategy map view (for QPR Metrics scorecards): strategy map view of the scorecard, with default view and period settings

Flowchart (for QPR Modeling Client objects):Flowchart of the object (for example a sub process). Note that this field is available for all QPR Modeling Client objects, even if they do not have a flowchart in the model

Trend icon (for QPR Metrics elements): the trend arrow of the element

Range icon (for QPR Metrics elements): range color of the element


See the Custom Tags topic for instructions on how to customize the graphs shown.