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LDAP User and Group Import

LDAP User and Group Import

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LDAP User and Group Import

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The LDAP User Import dialog can be used to import users into the QPR User Management System with LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol).



LDAP Users

Group: From this drop-down box, select the group from which you would like to import users.

Users in selected group: The users from the selected group are displayed in this list.

Hide existing users: Select this check box if you do not want to display the users that are already in the QPR User Management System.



Imported Users

Imported users: Users who have been selected to be imported are displayed on this list.

To import the LDAP users, select the LDAP users shown in the "Users in selected group" list and click the Import (>) button. The users will then appear in the list on the Imported Users side. To import all of the users shown in the list, simply click the Import All (>>) button. When you are importing users and you have at least one group in UMS, the Select group dialog opens, allowing you to decide on what group(s) the user will be imported to. If you wish to modify the choice of groups after the import, select the user to be modified and click the Show Groups button to reopen the Select group dialog.

Once the users have been selected to be imported, i.e. the users to be imported appear on the Imported Users list, click OK .



Password Generation Type

Next the imported users must be assigned passwords. This is performed in the Password Generation Type dialog. In this dialog you can select to either Generate random passwords for each imported user or Assign a default password that applies to all imported users.


If you select to generate random passwords, then each user will be assigned a randomly generated password. Note that the users will be using their LDAP passwords for logging into QPR products, the random passwords are used to prevent the use of empty passwords.

If you select to assign a default password, then enter the password in the field below. In this case, all imported user have the same password and as such, the security level is quite low. Therefore it is advised that all the users change their passwords as soon as possible.

Click OK to apply the selection and close the dialog.