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Model Properties View

Model Properties View

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Model Properties View

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You can view the properties of the model by clicking the name of the active model above the diagram hierarchy. The properties shown are the name of the model, feedback e-mail address, description, version number, status, author, comment, date when the model was changed the last time, and the change log.


Below the model properties section there is a section displaying information about the model database. The information shown is: location and port of the server and the location of the model in the server database. If QPR Portal is not in the read-only mode and you have at least Update rights to QPR Portal, there is an Edit button next to the Database location field. Clicking the button opens the current model into the QPR Modeling Client for modification.


In the change log, only 50 lines are shown by default. If there are more than 50 lines in the log, the full change log is available via a link Show full changes log at the bottom of the window. Clicking the link opens the full log in the same window.


Clicking the Copy Link button in the toolbar copies the URL link of the current view to the clipboard for sharing (Internet Explorer), or shows a dialog from where the link can be copied.