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You can use the modify installation to add or remove installed features after the actual QPR Suite 2017.1 installation. To modify your selection of installed features, follow the instructions below:


1.Go to Control Panel -> Add or Remove Programs.
2.Select QPR 2017.1 from the list and click the Change button.
3.Click Next in the Welcome dialog.
4.Select the Modify option and click Next.
5.Depending on the package, the client component selection or the Custom Setup screen opens. Select the features you want to have installed or removed, and click Next.

6.    The Select Additional Tasks screen opens. Select the tasks you want to include in the modified installation and click Next.

7.The Ready to Modify the Program screen opens. If you need to change any settings, click Back and make the necessary changes. Once you are satisfied with the settings, click Install to start the installation. At this point you may be requested to browse the original QPR2017_Clients_Setup_x86.exe or QPR2017_Servers_Setup_x64.exe file(i.e. the one you originally installed the software from) when adding QPR Web Services Foundation and/or QPR Add-In for Microsoft Office to the installation. This is needed so that the installation program can extract and install additional dependencies that the aforementioned components need in order to function properly.
8.The modify installation is now complete. Click the Finish button to exit the installation. Depending on what additional dependencies were installed, you may need to restart your computer.