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A notification is an electronic note, an e-mail, sent by the QPR Portal, which reminds user about reading a certain briefing booklet. In the Notification tab you can set the posting interval for your briefing booklet's notification using one of the following options:


No notification.

Do not send any notifications for this booklet.

Every day.

Send a notification about this booklet every day.

Every week, day.

Send a notification once a week. Use the drop down list box to select a week day when the notification will be send.

Every month, day.

Send a notification once a month. You can select the posting day (1st to 31st or the third last, second last, or last day of the month) from the drop down list box.

Every year, month..., day.

Send a notification once a year. You can select the posting month and day using the month and day drop down list boxes.


To set posting hours and minutes, click the hour and/or minutes fields on the right side of the Time label and enter the desired posting time for the notification. The base structure of a notification e-mail message is derived from an e-mail template, which can be selected with the Template drop-down list box. See Templates for information about how to define a new e-mail template.


At the bottom of the Notification tab there is a Last notification sent field, which tells when the last notification was sent, and a Send button. If you want to send a notification immediately, click the Send button.