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Off-line Model Editing

Off-line Model Editing

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Off-line Model Editing

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When working with a Server model, you do not need to have a Server connection open all the time. You can check out a Server model to work with it off-line, and then check in the model back into the Server with your changes.


A model can be edited off-line in the following way:


1. Check the model out of the Server with the Check Out command accessible from the Model tab of the ribbon. There are three ways to check out a model:

For viewing: Other users can edit the model normally. The model can also be modified freely, but all changes must be saved as a new model. Checking a read-only model back in is not possible.

For editing: Other users will be able to check out the model as well.

For exclusive editing: The model will be reserved and other users can open it only in read-only mode until the model is checked back in.

2. Modify the model and save your changes normally. Administrators can also save the checked-out model as a new file model. However, in this case all the user rights are lost and the model behaves similarly as a regular file model. Still only the original check-out file can be checked back into the server.

3. When you have completed your off-line modifications, check the model back into the Server with the Check In command. Your changes are saved (or merged in the case other users have changed the model during the check-out) to the Server model and the model is opened for the same type of editing (i.e. exclusive or non-exclusive) you used for the check-out. After checking the model in, the model file used in the check-out is changed to read-only status and it acts as a backup of the situation before the checked-out model was merged with the server model.


Off-line editing allows greater freedom in modeling. It is also possible to undo the operation with the Undo check out menu command. This action makes the check-out undone, so that none of the changes made during the check-out are saved and the editing reservation is freed.


If the user rights are modified after you have opened a model from a server for editing and you want to check out the model, the current changes to the model are saved to the server before the check out. This  applies also to disconnecting; if the user rights have been changed after you have opened a model from a server, the changes are saved to the server before disconnecting.