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General booklet properties can be set in this tab.


Every booklet has a name, which is initially given in the booklet creation. Booklet's name is unique and it is used as an identifier to distinguish booklets. To change the name, activate the Name field and enter a new name for the booklet. Notice, that lower- and uppercase letters are separated so that names, such as, "My Booklet" and "my booklet" can be used at the same time.


Description can contain any text describing the briefing booklet. To write a description, active the Description field and enter a description.


A booklet template determines the layout of a briefing booklet. If the template is missing, booklet pages cannot be rendered. Use the Template drop-down list box to select a briefing booklet template. To preview the template, press tab's Preview button.


Ticking the Hide Booklet from Recipients and don't Send Notifications box disables the briefing booklet. When disabled, booklet does not appear in My Booklets list and recipients will not get notifications about it.


To save the current settings, click Save Changes button.