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Publishing the Document

Publishing the Document

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Publishing the Document

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Click the Publish button in order to create a “clean” version of the document. Publishing replaces all filler texts with the corresponding content as well as removes all the tag folders from the document. The resulting document does not have any traces of QPR Add-In for Microsoft Office in it.


The Run and Send as E-mail generates the finalized document similarly as the Publish button, but also attaches the resulting document to a new e-mail message. Using this functionality requires that your default e-mail client is recognized by Microsoft Word.



If you have not saved the template


If you have not saved your template before, you are first prompted to provide the name and location where to save it. Otherwise the template is saved before the generation begins.


After this you are prompted for a location and name for the resulting document.


As with the preview, you should see the progress bar while document is being generated. When the result document is ready, it will be opened in a new window.