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QPR Portal

QPR Portal

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QPR Portal

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QPR Portal provides the possibility to bookmark and customize your important information from your QPR software tools. QPR Portal includes the following pages:




Opens QPR Portal, Metrics or Modeling Client help.

QPR Community

Opens QPR Community into a new browser window.


Displays the page in which you can view and modify the settings of your QPR Portal.


Ends your QPR Portal session.



My Contents >> Home

Displays the home view, which is either set to be a customized URL or the default QPR Portal page.


Personal and shared bookmarks are on the left.

My Contents >> What's New

Displays the history of elements.

My Contents >> My Responsibilities

Lists all model elements of QPR Metrics and QPR Modeling Client the current user is responsible for.

My Contents >> My Alerts

Lists all e-mail alerts that the current user is receiving.

My Contents >> My Briefings

Displays all readable Briefing Booklets.


Processes of QPR Modeling Client. Available only for QPR Modeling Client users.

Hierarchy Views

Hierarchy Views of QPR Metrics. Available only for Metrics users.


Opens a view for adding, changing, deleting and browsing actions connected to model objects of QPR Metrics and QPR Modeling Client.



btn_hidetree Hide tree

Hides the tree located at the left side of the window.

btn_hidetree_rtl Show tree

Reveals the tree.



Quick Search


Enter your search criteria into the text field and click the Search button to perform a quick search in the Portal. If search criteria have not been defined, and the Search button is clicked, the normal Search view is opened.