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Report Parameters

Report Parameters

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Report Parameters

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Report Parameters are tags that can be used as variables in QPR Add-In for Microsoft Office report templates. Utilizing Report Parameters, a pre-designed report template can be used to create a variety of unique reports. Report Parameters are available through the Add Parameter button. Clicking the button opens the Add Parameter pane, as seen below:




The Name of the parameter is used by other tags to refer to the report parameter.


The Description field can contain a brief description about how the parameter is used.


The Query field contains the QPR Web Services Foundation query. See QPR - Developer's Guide for the syntax.


The Attribute field contains the comma-separated list of QPR Web Services Foundation attributes.


If the Allow multiple values check box is selected, the parameter can have multiple values.



Setting Report Parameter Values

To set values for a report parameter, click the Select Parameters button. This will open the Configure Parameters pane:




Click the button on the left side of the Name of the parameter, and then select the value(s) check box(es) from the attribute list that is shown.