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This type is used when the model element's attribute is of basic data type. When ModelAttributeType is simple AttributeType XML attribute = "Simple" and there is TypeProperty  DataType = xxx.


Supported data types are:

Boolean, represents Boolean values, which are either true or false.

Int, represents an integer with a minimum value of -2147483648 and maximum of 2147483647.

Double, represents double-precision 64-bit floating-point numbers.

String, represents character strings.

DateTime, represents a specific instance of time. The character format of date and time depends on operating system regional settings. Used format is defined in XML documents root element Model.

Date, represents a calendar date.

Time, represents a specific instance of time that recurs every day.

HexBinary, represents arbitrary hex-encoded binary data.


Example: in QPR Modeling Client the modeler may define the number of units of available resources. When this information is exported to XML its AttributeType is Simple and DataType Double.

<ModelAttributeType Name="Amount Available" AttributeType="Simple">

 <TypeProperty Name="DataType" Value="double" />



<Attribute AttributeName="Amount Available">