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Supported Web Browsers

Supported Web Browsers

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Supported Web Browsers

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The following web browsers are compatible with QPR Portal:


Web Browser


Microsoft Internet Explorer


Mozilla Firefox for Windows

Tested on version 46.0

Mobile Safari

8 (excluding versions prior to 8.1.2), 9

Google Chrome

Tested on version 50.0


*Note about support for Mozilla Firefox for Windows and Google Chrome: Due to the rapid update schedule of these web browsers, QPR does not specify any specifically supported version but indicates the latest versions that are tested and verified to work. Firefox and Chrome versions newer than the tested versions are likely to work normally, but QPR cannot guarantee their functionality before the next QPR release.


Note: Mini Portal is not supported with Right-to-Left Languages.


Note: All Windows paths (e.g. information item locations such as X:\Document on a network drive.doc) may not work on other browsers than Microsoft Internet Explorer. For optimal browser-independent functionality, upload all shared documents into a location accessible via HTTP.


Note: To browse QPR Portal with the Internet Explorer 11 in the Modern UI user interface of Microsoft Windows 8.1, the Microsoft Internet Explorer compatibility mode needs to be turned off.


Browser Configuration


Usually default settings are correct, i.e. no separate configuration is needed. However the following settings may need attention:

Browser must allow execution of JavaScript and JavaScript must be allowed to perform the following functions:

Open new windows

Resize and move windows

In some cases, a pop-up blocker may interfere with QPR Portal. It is advisable to add QPR Portal as a whitelisted (allowed) site which can open windows freely in the case a whitelisting possibility exists.

Depending on contents browsed through QPR Portal, it may be advisable to set the 'Empty page history' setting on.


The URL for logging into QPR Portal is:


http://<host_name>/QPR2017-1/Portal/qpr.isapi.dll when using Microsoft IIS as the web server. With other servers the generic URL is http://<host name>/<script_path>/qpr.isapi.dll


Substitute qpr.isapi.dll with qpr.cgi.exe in the case the server is using the CGI binary, or with qpr.cgi in the case you are using a web server running on some other platform than Windows.


Browser Security Settings


In the case you have problems with logging into the QPR Portal, verify that your browser's security settings are set so that QPR Portal can be used. With Microsoft Internet Explorer the security settings can be defined in the Security tab under the Internet Options menu, which can be found in the Tools menu.