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Some of the terms used in XML and QPR products are very similar so there is a great risk of confusion. Thus the following terms are used in this document.


Element: This term is used to refer to a model element of a QPR product, e.g. a process step in QPR Modeling Client.

Attribute: This term is used to provide additional information about the model element, e.g. in QPR Modeling Client a process step has incoming flows attribute.

XML element: This is a single building block in XML file. XML element starts with a start tag (e.g. <Model>) and ends with an end tag (e.g. </Model>). Within these tags there may be additional child XML elements. The name of the XML element is shown in a different font (Model).

XML attribute: The place of XML attribute is within the start tag of XML element. For example, model element's name is shown in an XML attribute of ModelElement XML element (<ModelElement ElementName="Cost">).