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Using the BPMN Templates

Using the BPMN Templates

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Using the BPMN Templates

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QPR Modeling Client includes two BPMN specific templates used for modeling, the (standard) BPMN Template and the BPMN Workflow Template.  These templates are delivered with all QPR Modeling Client installations. You can select the template from a list when creating a new model (see topic "New Model Dialog" in QPR Modeling Client - User's Guide).


When creating a model using either one of the BPMN templates, note that QPR Modeling Client is not validating the model against the BPMN standard.



Exporting to BPEL is available via the example BPEL 1.1 XML export script only for models created using the BPMN 1.2 template.

With QPR EnterpriseArchitect, there is a separate BPMN 2.0 EA edition template that includes all different BPMN 2.0 diagram and element types.

With all versions of the BPMN template, you can model workflows even though there is no separate BPMN workflow diagram type. If you need to model automated business process workflows, then the applications interfaces and messages (with structures) are modeled to the business processes.