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Use Range Values in Formulas

Use Range Values in Formulas

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Use Range Values in Formulas

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It would not be wise to calculate the average of two elements, when the units and scales are different. For instance, how can the QPR Metrics take the average of sub-elements if Gross Margin % uses the unit "Percentage" while the Operating Profit uses the unit "1000 Dollars"? The answer to this is that the scorecard formula should take the average of the elements' range values.


mouse_24 Exercise 129: Use a Range Function in the Employee & Innovation Perspective Formula.


BTN_AR131. Open the Dentorex Group Scorecard model.
BTN_AR132. On the Model Navigator frame, select the Dentorex Group scorecard.
BTN_AR133. On the Scorecard Navigator frame, double-click the Employee & Innovation perspective.
BTN_AR134. The Element Properties window opens. Switch to the Series tab and highlight the Actual series:


BTN_AR135. Click the Define button next to the Input Type drop-down menu to open the Formula window:


BTN_AR136. Select Customize and define the formula as AVERAGE(RANGE(?.ACT())). Now the average of the Range values is calculated from all sub-elements:


BTN_AR137. Click OK and answer Yes to the recalculation question.

See the Using Range Values topic in QPR Metrics - User's Guide for more information.