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The Object Model

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The QPR Object Model provides a standardized way to access and manipulate the information stored in QPR models. There are two objects available for both clients: SCApplication and SCModel for QPR Metrics client, and PGApplication and PGModel for QPR Modeling Client. SCApplication and PGApplication objects implement commands that are used to connect to servers, open/close models, etc. SCModel and PGModel objects implement commands that can be used to manipulate the actual model structure and data.


This chapter lists all the commands (object methods) included in the QPR Object Model. The command-specific sections describe the command's syntax as well as provide an example procedure where it is used.


Syntax Used In Descriptions


The following conventions are used in the function descriptions:

1.A | sign indicates a choice, i.e. either one of the alternatives around the pipe sign should be used, not both.
2.All variants preceded with the word 'out' are return values.


When FullID's are mentioned in the function descriptions, they refer to ID's in the following format:


<product ID>[.<model ID>][:<submodel ID>][.<object ID>][.<subobject ID>]


Product ID can be one of the following: PG (QPR Modeling Client), SC (QPR Metrics), or PO (Portal).