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Text Annotation

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Text Annotation

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Text Annotation

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Text annotations are a mechanism for a modeler to provide additional information for the reader of a BPMN diagram. Text annotations can be linked to an element using an association flow.





Text annotation is similar to the note or text element in the default template of QPR ProcessGuide.



Creating and Modifying Text Annotations

Tool Palette of the BPMN template contains a tool for creating text annotations text_annotation. When you have selected the tool in the Tool Palette, create a new text annotation by pointing and clicking the location for the text annotation on the flow chart.


You can edit the properties of text annotations by right-clicking on the element in the flow chart view and selecting Set Note Properties... For further information on this dialog, see topic "Note Dialog" in QPR ProcessGuide - User's Guide. Using the pop-up context menu, you can also change directly some of the data object properties, such as the name.



Text Annotation Attributes

The attributes of text annotations are described in the following table.


Attribute / Attribute group







Text is an attribute that is text that the modeler wishes to communicate to the reader of the diagram. Standard QPR ProcessGuide element name property is used here.

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