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Attribute XML Element

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Attribute XML Element

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Attribute XML Element

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The model element's attributes are enumerated in Attribute XML elements. Attribute's name is an XML attribute and its value is a child XML element. The value may appear in various formats depending on the type (AttributeType XML attribute in ModelAttributeType, see section Attribute Value Formats for details). Attributes that have no value are written without Value or Record XML elements. Examples of QPR ProcessGuide Attribute definition:


<Attribute AttributeName="Description">

 <Value>Activity1 description</Value>



<Attribute AttributeName="Child process steps">


   <Field Name="ElementName" Value="SubPSAct1" />

   <Field Name="ElementId" Value="PG_PS44" />

   <Field Name="TypeName" Value="Activity" />

   <Field Name="TypeID" Value="PG_PS2" />

   <Field Name="InstanceId" Value="1" />




XML attribute



The name of the attribute. Refers to Name XML attribute of ModelAttributeType


Table 3.7 The XML attributes of Attribute


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