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Basic Installation

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Basic Installation

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Basic Installation

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Follow the instructions below to install a basic installation of QPR ProcessGuide 8.1:


1. Welcome Page

This is the starting point of the QPR ProcessGuide 8.1 installation. Click Next to continue.



2. License Agreement

Here you can see the End User Software License terms for the software that is about to be installed. You will need to accept these terms before continuing the installation. Select "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and click Next to continue in the case you accept the license terms. Otherwise you'll need to cancel the installation.




4. Customer Information

Here you need to define the customer information and select whether the application is installed for all users or only for yourself. Technically this setting controls whether the Start menu and desktop shortcuts are copied to the common profile or to your personal profile.


Click Next to continue.



5. Select Destination Folder

Define the folder where QPR ProcessGuide 8.1 will be installed. By default the folder is C:\Program Files\QPR ProcessGuide.


Click Next to continue.



6. Ready to Install

The installer is now ready to start copying the application files to the computer. If you need to change any settings, click Back and make the necessary changes.


Once you are satisfied with the settings, click Install to start the installation.



7. Installation Complete

The installation is now complete, and you can start using QPR ProcessGuide.


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