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Configuring the Scorecard View

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Configuring the Scorecard View

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Configuring the Scorecard View

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Changing the Background Color

You can change the background color of the Scorecard View easily. Right-click on an empty area in the scorecard and a pop-up menu appears. From the menu select Background Color... to set the color.


See Color Window for more information on selecting a color.



Configuring the Grid

You can utilize the grid in positioning the scorecard elements fast and neatly. To adjust the size of the grid and switch it on or off, open the Grid Properties window: open the pop-up menu right-clicking on an empty area in the view and select Grid Properties... from the menu.


See Grid Properties for more information on configuring the grid.


Saving and Loading Scorecard View Settings

You can view the Scorecard View layout according to your own settings. The layout includes the element positions, the period, the series, the zoom factor , and the hidden/shown elements. The Scorecard View Settings apply to both the Scorecard View in the Development Client and in the Web Client (always in both places).


If you do not have your own settings (i.e. you are a new user/ web user or the model is new) the default settings are used if the default settings have been saved. If there are no default settings, settings called "Basic View" are used for the layout.


You can save your view settings with the Scorecard View Settings button btn_view_settings. To use a previously saved view settings, select settings using the drop down list box located at the View Settings section of the View tab.


Note: If you have made changes to the Scorecard View (including moving or hiding elements), you will be asked a confirmation whether you want to save the view settings when you exit the view.


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