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Designer Installation

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Designer Installation

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Designer Installation

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Follow the instructions below to install QPR ProcessGuide Designer and/or QPR ScoreCard Designer and optionally also QPR Add-In for Microsoft Office:



1. Choose Setup Language


Start the installation by selecting the language for the installation wizard from the drop-down list. Note that the software itself may have more languages available (see the packing slip or readme for more details) than what are offered for the installation wizard here.



2. Welcome Page


This is the starting point of the QPR 8.1 installation wizard. Click Next to continue.



3. License Agreement


Here you can see the End User Software License terms for the software that is about to be installed. You will need to accept these terms before continuing the installation. Select "I accept the terms in the license agreement" and click Next to continue in the case you accept the license terms. Otherwise you'll need to cancel the installation.



4. Choose Setup Type


Here you can choose between three installation options, QPR Suite (Typical Installation), QPR ProcessGuide and QPR ScoreCard Designers, and Custom. The QPR Suite option installs all components except for QPR Web Services Foundation and the QPR Add-in for Microsoft Office (both of which can be added as optional components in the next page). In the QPR ProcessGuide and QPR ScoreCard Designers option one or both of the Designer clients and also optionally QPR Add-in for Microsoft Office. With the Custon installation you can freely customize the selection of components.  For these instructions, select QPR ProcessGuide and QPR ScoreCard Designers and click Next to continue.



5. Select Client Components to Install


In this page you can choose which client components are included in the installation. QPR ProcessGuide Designer and QPR ScoreCard Designer are selected by default, but you can omit either one based on which licenses you have bought. You can also select to add QPR Add-In for Microsoft Office to the installation (this option is disabled if Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010 is not installed on the computer). At least one of the options needs to be selected in order to continue. Select the components you need and click Next to continue.


NOTE! The .NET Framework will be downloaded during the installation, so do not include QPR Add-In for Microsoft Office options if you don't have the framework already installed and you don't have a network connection.


NOTE! If you have both Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 installed, QPR Add-in for Microsoft Office will installed for Microsoft Office 2010.



6. Choose Destination Folder


Define the folder which will be the installation root folder for the QPR 8.1 package. All the components will be installed under this folder. By default the folder is C:\Program Files\QPR 8.1. You can also choose whether to install the product for all users or only for yourself. However, in the case you are going to install the server components as a service, install the product for all users.



7. Select Additional Tasks


In this dialog you can choose additional features that will be installed. The options available are:


Create desktop icons. Creates icons for QPR ProcessGuide Designer and QPR ScoreCard Designer to your desktop in the case those products were selected to be installed.
Copy all product documentation to the installation directory. In the case you are installing from a CD or from e.g. a network drive folder with all the QPR CD contents, you are asked whether you want to copy also the Documentation folder containing all the product documentation to your hard drive. On the other hand, if the installation is done from a plain QPR8Setup.exe, this option is not displayed.



8. Ready to Install


The installer is now ready to start copying the application files to the computer. If you need to change any settings, click Back and make the necessary changes.


Once you are satisfied with the settings, click Install to start the installation.



9. Complete


The installation is now complete. Check the "Activate the software now" checkbox if you wish to launch the QPR Product Activation Wizard after clicking Finish. Similarly, checking the "Show the readme file" checkbox opens the readme file after you click Finish.


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